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European Commission - Press release Brussels, 28 May 2015 The European Commission has referred Germa [...]

European Commission - Press release Strasbourg, 19 May 2015 The European Commission decided today to [...]

European Commission - Press release 08 May 2015 Ljubljana, Slovenia Violeta Bulc, the EU's Tran [...]

European - Press release Commission Brussels, 15 January 2015 The European Commission has published [...]

European Commission - Press release Brussels, 11 December 2014 Today the European Commission has upd [...]

European Commissioner for Transport, Violeta Bulc, in cooperation with the Latvian Presidency of the [...]

On 18 June, EU Commissioner for Climate Action and Energy Miguel Arias Cañete, Internal Market and I [...]

The European Economic and Social Committee, with support of the Italian Space Agency, is organizing [...]

The conference will gather decision makers, experts and social partners for a day of intensive discu [...]

The new directive will update current EU rules on package holidays by aiming to adapt to travel mark [...]

Following two years of solid decreases in the number of people killed on Europe's roads, the fi [...]

The Council held a public policy debate on two proposals to improve rail services in the EU (fourth [...]

The Council had an exchange of views on the energy union, addressing in particular issues such as en [...]

EU energy ministers discussed the follow-up to the 2030 climate and energy framework following the E [...]

Page Heading: Nippon Foundation announces major financial support for enhanced World Maritime Univer [...]

Page Heading: IMO Secretary-General inaugurates new World Maritime University building Article Date: [...]

Page Heading: Polar code adopted, sensitive sea area designated and work progressed on ballast water [...]

Page Heading: Polar Code environmental provisions set for adoption at IMO’s Marine Environment Prote [...]

Page Heading: Polar Code environmental provisions adopted Page Subheading: Marine Environment Protec [...]

Title: IMO News Issue 1 2015 IMODate: 26/03/2015 00:00 Rollup Image: IMOSummary: News: IMO Secretary [...]

Title: 2015 [...]

Title: IMO News 4 2014 Click here for PDF IMODate: 28/11/2014 00:00 Rollup Image: IMOSummary: Enviro [...]

Title: IMO News 3 2014 Click here for PDF IMODate: 09/09/2014 00:00 Rollup Image: IMOSummary: IMO co [...]

Title: Media Rate Card 2014-2015 IMODate: 28/10/2014 00:00 IMOSummary: Media Rate Card 2014-2015 [...]

With COP 17 now underway IMO discusses the impact of its work to reduce GHG emissions from internati [...]

Mr. Sekimizu discussed matters related to IMO's work and cooperation between the UN to combat S [...]

Development of an international code of safety for ships operating in polar waters. [...]

Jack Westwood-Booth, IMO' Senior Deputy Director of the Division for marine technology and carg [...]

Gurpeet Singhota, IMO's Deputy Director for the Operational Safety Section of the Maritime Safe [...]

IATA and UNECE signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to strengthen their support to developing [...]

IATA announced March global passenger traffic results showing a 7.4% growth compared to March 2014. [...]

IATA released data for global air freight markets, showing a modest 1.6% rise in volumes in March co [...]

EASA and IATA announced the publication of “upset prevention and recovery training” (UPRT) requireme [...]

IATA urged the National Congress of Brazil to observe global best practices should it undertake an a [...]

U.S. trade with Canada and Mexico fell in in March from a year ago to $96.1 billion, but three of fi [...]

Component maker Accuride Corp. signed a multiyear agreement with Daimler Trucks North America to sup [...]

GE Capital Canada said it has signed an agreement with Shell Canada Products to facilitate the truck [...]

More Americans than forecast signed contracts to purchase previously owned homes in April, indicatin [...]

Applications for U.S. jobless benefits remained below 300,000 for the 12th straight week, signaling [...]

Contributed by: Norton Rose: Stephen Woods (Senior Associate, Singapore), Ben Rose (Partner, Singapo [...]

On March 9, Ezra Holdings entered into a placement agreement with Credit Suisse and DBS in order to [...]

Last Wednesday, China’s largest private shipbuilder, China Rongsheng Heavy Industries, announced pla [...]

The global shipping industry has been grabbing headlines lately, unfortunately for less admirable re [...]

It has been a long time coming, and we all suspect it has been going on for the last year or two, bu [...]

John Fredriksen’s main dry bulk vehicle takes an impairment charge and limits its exposure to spot m [...]

Long-term issues of Chinese shipbuilding industry laid bare in current industry downturn [...]

Yardstick back at 100% after hitting 113% in 2012-2013 [...]

Terms of the agreement are rather favourable to the owner [...]

The loan will enhance confidence of the company’s future controller [...]

The Chinese foreign ministry official in charge of boundary and maritime affairs has said the countr [...]

Images have appeared on a Chinese website of a new large twin-fuselage turbofan-powered unmanned aer [...]

The Israeli Navy is assigning more offensive roles to one of its three fast inflatable boat units th [...]

The participation of the Chinese People's Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) in international exercise [...]

The US Marine Corps (USMC) is on schedule to conclude the first operational test (OT-1) of its new s [...]

This story looks at the role technology plays in the value that various third-party logistics (3PL) [...]

Inbound Logistics’ annual Logistics Technology Perspectives offers market research to help IT buyers [...]

New regulations ensuring the integrity of the pharma supply chain are nearing the finish line. While [...]

To break the cycle of needless, duplicative logistics costs, many competitors are choosing to work i [...]

Judi Griffin, director of logistics at Burkhart Dental, is responsible for three distribution center [...]

Eurotunnel has announced that it will not renew its contract with the employee co-operative that cre [...]

Germany's second-largest marine lender, Nord LB, said its shipping loan portfolio turned a corn [...]

An Australian coroner's court today began the inquest into the suspicious deaths of two seafare [...]

Salvage and fire-fighting experts have made progress in containing the fire on board the 33,772 dwt [...]

Malaysian Bulk Carrier (Maybulk) has posted a loss of MYR23.4 million (USD6.4 million) for the first [...]

Mick Jones, Vice President Global Logistics, Supply Chain Strategy & Network Transformation at L [...]

Venlo new home to 3PL Summit; DHL global innovation IoT; hitech debrief   Image:  read more [...]

Last Thursday eft launched the European 3PL Summit in logistics hub, Venlo.   eft CEO, Chris Saynor [...]

Did you know contract logistics accounts for more than one third of the European logistics market by [...]

Why would companies implement solutions that cost more, were longer to deploy, and had lower user sa [...]

SAS Norwegian pilots end strike, agree on new labor dealSAS Scandinavian Airlines has agreed a new one-year collective bargaining agreement with Norwegian p [...]

Delta Air Lines receives first Airbus 242-tonne A330-300Delta Air Lines has received its first Airbus 242-tonne maximum take-off weight (MTOW) variant of th [...]

Seabury takes on even the toughest airline financial challenges. Seabury has secured a track record [...]

Life ExtensionA planned package of rolling upgrades will keep the Boeing 777 relevant in the global marketplace fo [...]

Kit & KabundleAirlines are experimenting with unbundled packages that can personalize the service and increase rev [...]

With Malaysia experiencing strong economic growth and increased trade, IAG Cargo has begun a London- [...]

A new network of global forwarders has been created with the aspiration to include only the most res [...]

Many airlines have seen great potential in the Indian cargo market in recent years, and Dublin-based [...]

Ending an 11-month-long disagreement, which was an unexpected gift for the airfreight industry, the [...]

Research and a subsequent report by Washington, D.C.-based consultancy Edgeworth Economics, commissi [...]

The UK government has been warned by over 100 business leaders that failure to expand runway capacit [...]

Jettainer is taking over the management of unit load devices (ULD) for Thomas Cook Airlines UK and T [...]

XPO Logistics has acquired logistics firm Norbert Dentressangle in a deal worth 3.2 billion euros ($ [...]

The strength of the US dollar is becoming a cause for concern with the potential for an export slow [...]

THE south central Kansas (US) region could develop a real-time networked communications airborne Int [...]

As much as the upcoming World Cup in Brazil, has little to do with supply chain. The food supply see [...]

Kraft has volunteered to recalling 1.2 million cases of four brands of cottage cheese products due t [...]

Fast food workers protested to get a $15 minimum wage yesterday, but in Switzerland they are conside [...]

Across the US thousands of fast food workers are striking to demand a raise in their minimum wage to [...]

After Walmart announced that it expects its vendors to provide goods that have recyclable packaging, [...]

Last month, I gave a presentation to a group of senior transportation and supply chain executives. I [...]

The Port of Los Angeles (POLA) and the Port of Long Beach (POLB) said this week that they have forma [...]

A month ago, the Shippers Conditions Index (SCI) from freight transportation consultancy FTR indicat [...]

The American Association of Port Authorities (AAPA) had nothing but praise for the Senate passage ov [...]

While there are apparent benefits to switching from diesel fuel to natural gas in terms of promised [...]

An Frost & Sullivan analys says over 1.1 billion tons of total freight is expected by 2015 with [...]

An Frost & Sullivan analys says over 1.1 billion tons of total freight is expected by 2015 with [...]

New product release and Eyefreight Mobile expand platform capabilities and deliver planning and tran [...]

New product release and Eyefreight Mobile expand platform capabilities and deliver planning and tran [...]

Mike Short joined C.H. Robinson through the acquisition of Phoenix International in 2012, and is an [...]

Stertil Dock and Door Products has boosted its UK sales team with two recent appointments. Louise La [...]

At the Microlise Transport Conference, telematics platform provider Microlise announced the launch o [...]

Amazon has started using New York's subway system for its new Prime Now one-hour delivery servi [...]

With concern over an EU referendum and an economic slowdown currently casting a shadow over the UK, [...]

The impact of mega-vessels and mega-alliances remains a big worry for shippers and logistics service [...]

Green Door has relocated its storage facility to new purpose-built premises at the Green Lane Indust [...]

New product release and Eyefreight Mobile expand platform capabilities and deliver unique planning a [...]

Outbound-to-rebound experts, iForce, has had their current contract extended by educational toy bran [...]

Nuneaton business head is one of three finalists in the Leader of the Year Award Posted via Industry [...]

The fleet management division of AmeriQuest Business Services, Inc. is expanding its sales team in r [...]

1st Touch ( the UK's leading developer of mobile systems for the social housin [...]

Leading Oracle Platinum Partner Inoapps ( has launched a series of upcoming Executiv [...]

The ADLV (Association for Driving Licence Verification) is seeking to incorporate fee [...]

New product release and Eyefreight Mobile expand platform capabilities and deliver unique planning a [...]

A framework to ensure that tenants who are struggling to meet their rental costs are able to access [...]

The popularity of cloud computing has consumed headlines ranging from fear and doubt, to claims of b [...]

Researchers say that even if companies are using offshore centers, the U.S. is an essential part of [...]

With highly publicized recalls affecting millions of consumers, the first quarter of 2015 stood out [...]

Many mid-size U.S. cities and other areas now make attractive alternatives to India and other offsho [...]

Straying from its typical seasonal trajectory, United States-bound waterborne shipments dipped from [...]

The company's third robotics production facility will serve North America, where the United Sta [...]

This white paper outlines significant challenges facing businesses today and discusses how they can [...]

PMMI study examines packaging challenges prompted by growing U.S. e-commerce market. [...]

Supply chain solutions provider extends omni-channel suite with leading North American eCommerce pla [...]

During this webcast Chuck Lew, Director of Logistics shares how was able to turn the dist [...]

Far East Land Bridge together with UTLC has the ambitious aim to establish a new service line: Weekl [...]

JSC Russian Railways Logistics increase competences in the field of logistics outsourcing for indust [...]

Russian Railways Logistics takes part in Transport Logistics 2015 in Munich. The company to be prese [...]

JSC Russian Railways Logistics took 50% stake in Latvian rail freight company SIA «Liepajas naftas t [...]

JSC Russian Railways Logistics held a number of meetings and negotiations with clients and partners [...]

A recent thought provoking article by Scott Santens on Self Driving trucks brings some interesting p [...]

For years industry insiders have predicted that the logistics sector is on the brink of commoditizat [...]

Like all specialties in logistics there are often blurred lines between disciplines but there are ke [...]

As supply chain and logistics activity continues to pick up speed worldwide we are seeing aggressive [...]

Whether you are a seasoned logistics practitioner or an undergraduate student working towards a degr [...]

3D Systems (DDD) announced a partnership with The Hershey Company last Thursday, in order to collabo [...]

How often do you reach for herbal supplements during day, week, month, year..? While considering it [...]

When was the last time you decide to take the right side of the street when it comes to your daily n [...]

Coca-Cola Co. has announced a reorganization of its operating structure around main units. The remod [...]

With domestic sales of Japan’s breweries being severely affected by the country’s decreasing populat [...]

Many developing countries display remarkably high degrees of urban concentration that are incommensu [...]

This paper examines the employment growth of Indian districts from 2000 to 2010 in the manufacturing [...]

This paper examines how policy governing the liner shipping sector affects maritime transport costs [...]

This paper investigates the effect of carbon or gasoline taxes on commuting-related CO2 emissions in [...]

The dynamism of air traffic markets in the Middle East obscures the persistence of restrictions on i [...]

Worldwide close to 80 million people are currently impacted by humanitarian emergencies arising from [...]

WHO and partner organizations in Nepal have mobilized further resources including medicine and medic [...]

WHO has stepped up efforts to deliver critical medical relief to populations outside of the Kathmand [...]

Ten years since adopting the Hyogo Framework for Action shortly after the Indian Ocean Tsunami, gove [...]

WHO today delivered 13 tons of medical supplies to the Donetsk region in Ukraine as part of the firs [...]

On 25 May, PAHO/WHO was informed that the United States Center for Disease Control and prevention (C [...]

Between 18 and 23 May, the National IHR Focal Point for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia notified WHO of [...]

On 18 May 2015, the IHR National Focal Point of the United Arab Emirates notified WHO of 1 additiona [...]

On 20 May 2015, the National IHR Focal Point of the Republic of Korea notified WHO of the first labo [...]

On 21 May 2015, the National IHR Focal Point of Qatar notified WHO of 1 additional case of Middle Ea [...]

Today, the Greek Cypriot leader, Nicos Anastasiades, and the Turkish Cypriot leader, Mustafa Akinci, [...]

Recognizing the growing challenge of feeding city dwellers, who will become the world’s majority by [...]

This is 35-year-old Oscar Ouedraogo’s first deployment with a United Nations peacekeeping mission. T [...]

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has voiced concern about the escalation of fighting in Yemen in a tele [...]

The diplomatic Quartet on the Middle East peace process today announced that former British Prime Mi [...]

Global growth remains moderate and uneven, and a number of complex forces are shaping the outlook. T [...]

The pace of recovery has disappointed in recent years, and downside risks have increased, including [...]

Global activity has broadly strengthened and is expected to improve further in 2014–15, according to [...]

Global growth is in low gear, and the drivers of activity are changing. These dynamics raise new pol [...]

Global economic prospects have improved again, but the bumpy recovery and skewed macroeconomic polic [...]

The first TED took place in February 1984 in a theater that looked like a college lecture hall, comp [...]

There’s something so cool about finding a new podcast to love — each little download opens a door to [...]

For decades, the farmers of East Africa have battled the African whitefly, a tiny insect that infest [...]

Lots of happenings in the TED community this week. Below, some highlights. Police on trial in Afghan [...]

“Women’s health is an equal rights issue as important as equal pay.” When Paula Johnson uttered this [...]

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